Dr Myung (Scott) Choi, MD

Gastroenterology Expert Consulting Services

Choosing the right expert witness can significantly strengthen the case for your client.

Your legal issues deserve an expert. 

Legal and medical malpractice cases Dr. Choi can help you with:

Medical Malpractice Case Review

Expert Witness Testimony

Food Safety and Injury

Nursing Home Injury

Disability Claims

Prison Liability

Pharmaceutical or Medical Device Injury

Medicare Claims Fraud

New and established drug review

New and established medical device review

Private Equity consultation

For INDUSTRY expert consulting:

What others are saying about working together:

“Dr. Choi was a pleasure to work with. I look forward to his assistance again in the future”

“I work with many food safety issues. Recently I needed the expert advice of a gastroenterologist to evaluate a foreign material issue. Dr. Choi was a pleasure to work with. I look forward to his assistance again in the future“
Gary W. Weber, Ph.D., Director Food Safety and Contamination Prevention, at Crisis24

“There is no question that [Dr. Choi’s] insight played a big role in how we presented our claims”

“I am pleased that we reached a settlement that we simply could not turn down. There is no question that [Dr. Choi’s] insight played a big role in how we presented our claims against the defendants and we appreciate all of his help.
Mitch Warnock, Attorney at Law

Unlock the Power of Expert Testimony with Gastroenterologist Dr. Scott Choi

With our expertise in medical malpractice case reviews, expert testimony, and consultation, you can trust us with your case.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can Dr. Choi provide a patient medical advice through this site?

No. He can only advise patients who reach out through his practice to request a consultation. He can only see patients who have called his office to see if we accept their insurance. Dr. Choi does not provide any feedback to patients on any questions related to their care through the website. Click here to send a patient request.

What kind of expert services does Dr. Choi offer?

Dr. Choi offers a variety of legal services, including medical malpractice case review, expert witness testimony, food safety and injury, nursing home injury, disability claims, prison liability, and pharmaceutical or medical device injury.

Does Dr. Choi provide invoices for his services?

Yes, clients receive an invoice directly from Dr. Choi through Quickbooks for all charges under “GastrodocMD”

Can Dr. Choi advise a patient who does not have legal representation?

No, I only work with attorneys who are representing the plaintiff (patient) or defendant (physician, hospital, nursing home, prison, restaurant, etc).

Can Dr. Choi help with cases nationwide?

Yes, Dr. Choi can help and review cases nationwide. Get in touch to review your specific needs.

Does Dr. Choi work with both plaintiffs and defense attorneys?

Yes, Dr. Choi works with both plaintiffs and defense attorneys to provide expert review and testimony for medical malpractice claims related to gastroenterology and hepatology.

Is Dr. Choi board-certified in gastroenterology?

Yes, Dr. Choi is board-certified in gastroenterology. He has a long history of experience in the field and has been recognized as a “Top Doctor” by several publications.

What kind of industry consulting does Dr. Choi offer?

Dr. Choi offers industry consulting services such as new and established drug review, new and established medical device review, and private equity consultation. He provides advice to companies seeking advice about the practice and management of gastroenterology.